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GenresProgressive House,Electro House,House,Tech House
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BDivision are Electronic Digital Music Label founded in 2008 by the DJ, Producer and Record Manager, Roby Mannarini. BDivision unites to the inside, the experience of over 20 years matured by inventor in the field of the electronic music, that the creative ability of the new European musical talents, developed by many collaborators and working artists in the best electronic dancefloors of various nations of the world. Interpretations of the musical style electro, minimal techno and sonority coming from: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Bulgaria, Romania, Rep. Czech, Ireland, England, Germany and other countries.

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Important artists of Bdivision

Francesco Caramia Pilot Bg Roma Alkhimov Drummakerz Monty Frederiko Matthew Gold Diego Palacios De Rim

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