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09/26/2014 Earn Money with Music!
No recording label? Sell music without label? Distribute music on the internet? Self-marketing?

Many questions and no answers …
Have a look at the report of, there you will get many helpful information.
Feiyr is also part of it, the platform offers you everything you need to self-actualize. / Feiyr Portfolio... "Every man is the architect of his own fortune"

09/12/2014 "Every man is the architect of his own fortune"
Great report about the structures of Feiyr and everything underneath, plus lots of information about exclusive portals and promotion-possibilities with

More than 200000 artists are already using the online service. Sell your own Music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google, Beatport, YouTube and many more.

Report on Rockszene... "Feiyr - Digital Marketing Tool"

08/29/2014 "Feiyr - Digital Marketing Tool"
Nowadays it’s hard to market you music successfully if you are an unknown musician. explains how it works, Feiyr will do the rest.

With Feiyr you have a lot of marketing possibilities. Free homepages, a newsletter system, creation of individual print products and more.

Feiyr - Product and service range... "Your digital music distribution"

08/15/2014 "Your digital music distribution"
Publish your own music without record contract?
This isn’t possible? Of course, it is! explains in a current report important facts about the music distribution with Feiyr. No matter if music, audio books, ebooks, songs for children or classical music – everything is possible.

Don’t waste more time, start as your own label head. start... "Feiyr – sell own music and ebooks"

08/01/2014 "Feiyr – sell own music and ebooks"
Interesting article on Rautemusik – Everything about selling and advertising with Feiyr. Fair prices and a lot of practical features await you.

Publish your music with Feiyr - How it works