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GenresProgressive House,Trance
CityBaia Mare
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Frantic Music is an Electronic Music Label based in Baia Mare ,Romania , created in 2011 after receiving a lot of positive feedback from the music enthusiasts about the artists Hosenfeld ,Techno Thief and Thomas Pryce all aliases of Replicant06 and their recent releases mainly in Trance . The Label features releases of Djs and producers alike in the Electro ,Trance genres and all their variations . With its continuous grow and serious promotion , Frantic Music is aiming in the future to become a World renown Dance Music Label .

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Important artists of Frantic Music

Replicant06 Thomas Pryce Techno Thief Thomas Kent Hosenfeld

Hot Releases

Replicant06 - Just Stay Replicant06 - Distracted Replicant06 - Philosophy Replicant06 - The Burning

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DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH
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