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Digital Music Distribution
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A lot of music producers fight a lost cause because they don't know how to market their music successfully. Here comes Feiyr comes into play! Register online, upload your music and start selling your songs on 300 online stores worldwide. A professional team of label managers will guid you through the release process and will give you marketing advice. This is how digital music distribution works. Start now!
 Digital Music Distribution 
 How it works

ebook distribution
How it works

You are an author and your literary work is finally finished. Now, you want to sell your book, but you don’t know how. It’s very difficult to get to large publishers. Even so it must be possible as ebook or audio book. But you have too little expertise in marketing and distribution channels to start on your own. Here Feiyr comes into play and helps you to publish and market your ebook successfully. Start today!
 ebook distribution 
 How it works

Earn Money
with Youtube

Earn money with one of the most important social network sites? YouTube is among the most popular social networks worldwide. Figures show it imposingly: YouTube users consume about 6 billion hours of videos every month. The community provides them approximately 300 hours of video material per minute – and thereby earns money. Here, Feiyr is one of the biggest suppliers of exclusive content – and thus the basis for your financial success on YouTube.
 Earn Money  
 with Youtube

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Apple Music in Taiwan and Turkey
Apple Music has launched into 100 territories so far. The service expanded into Russia, India and Saudi Arabia last June, China was added in September 2015.
Now the streaming service has launched in Taiwan and Turkey as well. In both countries Apple Music will feauture local artists and offer Beats 1 as well as over 30 million songs.
Spotify Boasts 28 Million Premium Users
Spotify is converting more and more customers into paying subscribers. Out of 100 million users, over 28 million are premium users. The 28% conversion rate really matters, as it is now higher than ever before. Although the figure doesn’t tell us how much each premium user is paying, there are 28 million people generating more than $1 billion yearly, 70...
The Austrian rapper Dame and the digital music distributor Feiyr celebrate the renewal of their distribution agreement. Michael Zöttl aka Dame and his label ‘Damestream Records’ rely on Feiyr when it comes to digital distribution. The singer and the distributor have a longstanding partnership covering digital distribution, YouTube and marketing. Al...

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